Burning Bridges has received widespread media attention.

Peter will doing a book-signing at Copperfield Books in San Rafael on August 27, 2017, where he will be talking about the Harry Bridges saga.

The Daily Journal published a favorable book review of the Harry Bridges book, noting “Peter Afrasiabi’s new book Burning Bridges is a refreshing dose of inspiration for attorneys and advocates who may feel wearied by their experiences in the justice system.”

Peter was interviewed about the book by famed radio host Ian Masters on his on award-winning Background Briefing radio show on Pacifica Radio, located here on the July 27, 2017 archive.

The San Francisco Book Review rates Burning Bridges 5/5 stars and finds the book “utterly enjoyable” and with “excellent and crisp” writing.  “The story is gripping, at times gritty, and readers will love to follow Bridges as he fights for justice and a cause he believes in.”

Kirkus Reviews issued a powerful review, finding Burning Bridges “a meticulous and measured account of both an intriguing man and a historically significant movement.”

Renowned labor historian Harvey Schwartz offered a powerful, favorable review also.

Erwin Chemerinsky, who the National Jurist Magazine has hailed as the most influential person in legal education in the United States, called the book “masterful” and a must read.

Pulitzer prize winning legal journalist and New York Times bestselling author Maurice Possley offers his favorable thoughts.

Chip Gibbons, the Policy & Legislative Counsel for the Defending Rights & Dissent Foundation and a journalist who writes for Jacobin Magazine and Counterpunch Magazine offered his favorable review of the book, finding it “engaging” and “absolutely chilling in today’s political climate.”

Peter was interviewed on the national Immigration Lawyer’s Podcast on May 21, 2017, available on Apple iTunes.

USC profiled Peter and the book in the Spring-Summer 2017 edition of the USC Law Magazine.

The nationally-acclaimed Labor Law Journal profiled an article based on the book in its Summer 2017 labor law journal article.

Burning Bridges is utterly enjoyable … The story is gripping, at times gritty, and readers will love to follow Bridges as he fights for justice and a cause he believes in … The writing is excellent and crisp, and it reads with fluidity.
San Francisco Book Review
Burning Bridges is a deftly written account of how prosecutors stacked the deck and still lost, but managed to carve 25 years out of an innocent man’s life.
Maurice Possley, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Chicago Tribune Journalist & New York Times Bestseller
A rigorous and balanced examination of a sadly neglected figure in the American labor movement… Afrasiabi follows this prosecutorial hunt like an investigative journalist… He scrupulously produces evidence that the government spied on Bridges, suborned perjury, and essentially falsified evidence.
This is a meticulous and measured account of both an intriguing man and a historically significant movement.
Kirkus Reviews
Comprehensive and convincingly argued…a welcome contribution…Until recently there has not been a book-length study of the longshoreman’s legal difficulties. Now Peter Afrasiabi has provided us with a systematic, case-by-case analysis of all of the legal, ethical, and political issues surrounding the Bridges trials.  
Harvey Schwartz, Labor Historian
Required reading…masterful…terrific…
Erwin Chemerinsky, Supreme Court Advocate & Famed Legal Scholar
Reading Afrasiabi’s engaging account is absolutely chilling in today’s political climate.
Chip Gibbons, Defending Rights & Dissent Foundation