Author Peter Afrasiabi - Burning Bridges BookPeter Afrasiabi

As a federal court lawyer and adjunct professor of law, Peter is Co-Director of the University of California, Irvine School of Law Appellate Clinic. Every year, he takes multiple pro bono appeals, mostly immigration asylum cases. Drawing from the ranks of his real-world cases, his first book Show Trials addressed the broken contemporary immigration system.

His newest book, Burning Bridges, takes the reader back to the inception of the modern immigration system and tells the remarkable legal and political story of the longest deportation battle in American history waged from the mid-1930s through the mid-1950s. A narrative nonfiction story of government corruption and subversion of due process, it is also the story of the Herculean efforts of fierce defense lawyers fighting against all odds to save their client, the larger-than-life and unabashedly progressive labor leader Harry Bridges.

The same federal courts that Harry Bridges’ lawyers fought in for their client, Peter fights in today for his clients in his private practice. Peter has litigated legal battles with Madonna over the “Material Girl” brand, represented United States Senate candidates in copyright fair use disputes with the Eagles’ Don Henley, fought to protect the iconic works of the original, legendary silent filmmaker Harold Lloyd, and fought myriad other cases protecting artists, musicians, inventors, architects, and content creators in the complex modern intellectual property legal regime.

Peter regularly speaks as a provider of Continuing Education services to the legal bar, and has received numerous awards for his pro bono legal efforts. He was a Founding Director of the Rock School Scholarship Fund, a 501(c)(3) devoted to raising money to pay for music scholarships for children who need financial assistance to attend music programs.

A founder of the elite, acclaimed intellectual property boutique law firm, One LLP, with offices in Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, and Del Mar, California, Peter and One LLP specialize in all manner of intellectual property, entertainment, and technology litigation, and corporate and IP transactions.

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